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Compute! Magazine Issue 137

Published January 1992

Compute! Issue 137 - January 1992. "Talking" Once upon a Time ... Volume III: Journey Through Time (computer program) (Evaluation) - 19 top DOS 5.0 tips (MS-DOS Featuring DOS 5.0) - Absolutely free software! (COMPUTE/NET) (Column) - Art and artifact (computer graphics programs) (Column) - Cliff Stoll tells all (author Clifford Stoll) (Column) (Interview) - Disk Update Compute Offers Extended Disk Tech Support - Computer flea markets (includes related article on buying used computers) - Computer game ethics (World of Electronic Games) - Dvorak on Typing (software package) (Evaluation) - Editorial license (home computer market) (Industry Overview) - Epson EQUITY 386SX/20 PLUS (microcomputer) (Evaluation) - FastLynx LapPack (software) (Evaluation) - Flow Charting 3 (software) (Evaluation) - Fractal compaction (Column) - Games gone global (World of Electronic Games) - Graph-in-the-Box Executive (presentation software) (Evaluation) - Hebrew Play House/Milk and Honey Challenge/My Israeli Atlas (educational software) (Evaluation) - How to Choose the Right College (software package) (Evaluation) - How to create keyboard macros with DOS 5.0 (MS-DOS Featuring DOS 5.0) - How to manage memory with DOS 5.0 (MS-DOS Featuring DOS 5.0) - How to manage your AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS (MS-DOS Featuring DOS 5.0) - How to optimize your PC with DOS 5.0 (MS-DOS Featuring DOS 5.0) - How to use the new DOS 5.0 disk utilities (MS-DOS Featuring DOS 5.0) - How to write DOS batch files (MS-DOS Featuring DOS 5.0) - Leading Technology 9800NB (notebook computer) (Evaluation) - Learn to play the name game (naming computer files) (Column) - Mace Express Recovery (utility program) (Evaluation) - MS-DOS glossary (MS-DOS Featuring DOS 5.0 ) (Glossary) - NEC graphics CDs (compact disks) (Evaluation) - Panasonic KX-P1123 printer (Evaluation) - Personal Computing for Women (book reviews) - Principles of good game design (World of Electronic Games) - Pulstar SXP (computer system) (Evaluation) - Selling the sizzle (Multimedia PC) (Column) - Sid Meier's Civilization (computer game) (Evaluation) - Sony Laser Library (Column) (Evaluation) - Stupid DOS tricks (MS-DOS Featuring DOS 5.0) - Supercharge your desktop (The Norton Desktop for Windows) (Column) (Evaluation) - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles World Tour - Electric Crayon Deluxe (computer coloring book) (Evaluation) - Test lab (scanners)(includes related articles) (Evaluation) - The games users play (psychological aspects of computer games) (Column) - The Terminator (computer game) (Evaluation) - The ultimate game machine (includes related article on CD-ROM software) (World of Electronic Games) - ThunderStrike (computer game) (Evaluation) - Well-connected travel (voice mail systems for travelers) (Column) - With Windows, the message is the medium (computer programming) (Column) - You look marvelous (laser printouts) (Column) - Your first 10 DOS commands (MS-DOS Featuring DOS 5.0)

Year 1992
Language English
Collection compute-magazine; computermagazines


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